New! TELE Case Studies Added to Resources Page

July 24, 2015

SFFI has released four case studies showcasing projects that have used the TELE methodology to engage more landowners in land stewardship and conservation. Each case study describes how the project’s coordinators worked through the TELE 6-step process and summarizes key lessons and challenges they faced along the way. Visit the SFFI Resources page or click on the titles below to read or download any of the four stories:

  • Quabbin to Cardigan: Collaborators from this Regional Conservation Partnership organized four Woods Forums in the north-central Massachusetts and western New Hampshire focal area. The project aimed to encourage more active forest management and land conservation in the region. 

  • Taconic Ridge Partnership: Collaborators from this Regional Conservation Partnership organized three events near the Connecticut, Massachusetts, and New York borders. The case study focuses on one Woods Forum that intended to foster relationships between landowners and local professionals. 

  • Southern New England Heritage Forest: Collaborators from this Regional Conservation Partnership recruited and trained Woodland Ambassadors in the southern Massachusetts-northern Connecticut focal area. They then developed communications around multiple events hosted by the Woodland Ambassadors intended to reach neighboring landowners. 

  • Island Park Sustainable Fire Community: The IPSFC collaborative group used TELE to develop an outreach and communications plan for engaging the members of the Island Park, Idaho community in fire preparedness measures. They organized a door-to-door campaign and utilized other materials to advertise free wildfire risk evaluations and encourage fuel treatments on private lands.